Broadband LED light source
Very high luminance and broad spectrum
from a single LED
  • Wavelength range from VIS to NIR
  • Alternative to halogen light sources
  • For professional spectroscopic applications

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    Broadband LED Light Sources

    Unique spectrum: The LS-BB1

    With our LS-BB1 we have developed a fiber-coupled broadband LED light source. Its wavelength range of 420 bis 900 nm allows a wide variety of spectroscopic applications. By covering a broad spectrum from VIS to NIR, this is a powerful alternative to halogen light sources. The high luminance of the single LED chip and efficient coupling into multimode fibers of up to 1 mm give rise to flexibility and a bright point light source.
    The LS-BB1 is light and compact, making it simple to integrate into experiment set-ups. Its lifetime of over 10,000 hours is due to the well-thought-out thermic design of the broadband LED light source.

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    Wavelength range
    VIS – NIR, 400 – 900 nm
    Light output
    up to 20 mW
    from 1 mm fiber

    fiber output

    for Ø 50 µm – 1 mm
    Spectroscopy light source
    Product Specifications:

    Optical output

    SMA fiber adapter
    Wavelength range
    420 – 900nm
    Programmable jogwheel on the housing for power, frequency, etc.
    Software control via GUI or integration of the user’s own program
    RS232 (COM port) via USB (type Mini-B)
    Trigger input
    TTL, to 10 kHz, SMA connector
    Signal/current monitor or sync interface to additional light sources, SMA connector
    Input/output options for functions tailored to customer requirements
    Power supply
    Plug-in power supply 12 V DC, 2.5 A
    > 10,000 hours
    Dimensions and weight
    125 x 110 x 60 mm³, 450 g
    Light output
    Up to 20 mW (from 1-mm fiber)
    Spekturm LS-BB1
    • Fiber-coupled broadband LED light source
    • Large wavelength range from 420 -900 nm
    • Suitable for VIS/NIR spectroscopy
    • Simple control via USB
    • Pulse trigger and stroboscope modes up to 1 kHz
    • Lifetime of at least 10,000 hours
    • Strong light output of up to 20 mW
    • Compact dimensions and low weight

    Intelligent light solutions for industry and research

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      Broadband LED light source LS-BB1
      Large wavelength range from VIS to NIR from a single LED

      Compared to other LED light sources available on the market, the LS-BB1 covers a very large wavelength range of 420 – 900 nm. With just a single LED chip it delivers light not only in the complete VHS spectrum but goes beyond this to offer convincing performance in NIR to 900 nm.
      With this large wavelength range and a light output of up to 20 mW, the LS-BB1 fiber-coupled broadband light source is a powerful substitute for halogen light sources and can be used for many spectroscopic applications.

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      Technical data sheet for LS-BB1

      Broadband LED light source LS-BB1

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        Our HighLight: The converter phosphor, suitable for spectroscopy

        White light LEDs for general lighting purposes only have a narrow spectrum adapted to human perception and are therefore not well-suited to spectroscopy. The LED of the LS-BB1 generates a large spectral bandwidth and high luminance thanks to the specially developed phosphor converter.

        This makes it especially suitable for spectroscopic applications in the VIS-NIR range.

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