Monochromatic fiber-coupled LED light sources
for many different wavelengths
  • LED light sources for 20+ single wavelengths
  • Wavelength range from UV to NIR
  • Resource-saving through “Green Efficiency”

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    Monochromatic fiber-coupled LED light sources

    Narrow bandwidth, high luminance: The LS-MC1

    For many applications in the field of machine vision, fluorescent microscopy and nano-photonics light sources are needed that deliver a narrow-band, monochromatic spectrum.

    LED light sources in the LS-MC1 series provide a constantly growing selection – currently amounting to over 20 – of narrow band single wavelength LEDs with a bandwidth of 15-50 nm FWHM, allowing precise work in a defined wavelength range. As a result of optimized optical coupling into the optical fiber – as with all of our light sources – with our LS-MC1 series we have achieved the highest possible luminance. The advantage of directly emitting monochromatic LEDs is their very high level of efficiency, because the entire radiated output is in the useful wavelength range.

    For physical reasons, there are currently gaps in the green-yellow spectral range with directly emitting LEDs. LEDs with converter phosphors such as our LS-WL1 or LS-BB1 are helpful in this regard.

    LS-MC1 Wellenlängen

    The LS-MC1 series supports many different wavelengths. For details please refer to the table in data sheet. Is your desired wavelength missing? Please contact us! If required, further narrowing of the spectral bandwidth through a small band-pass filter is possible.

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    Wavelength range
    over 20 available
    Light output

    Up to 30-200 mW from 1 mm fiber, according to wavelength

    SMA optical fiber output
    For Ø 50 µm – 1 mm multimode fibers
    Green Efficiency
    Green Efficiency
    Product Specifications:
    Optical output

    SMA optical fiber output (other available on request)

    Wavelength range

    20+ wavelengths available, see table

    (measurement protocol available, wavelength selection available on request)¹

    RS232 (COM-Port) via USB (type Mini-B)
    Trigger input
    TTL, to 100 kHz, SMA connector
    Signal/current monitor or sync interface to additional light sources, SMA connector
    Input/output options for functions tailored to customer requirements
    Power supply
    12 V DC, 2.5 A, power consumption approx. 20 W (@100% performance)
    > 10,000 hours
    Dimensions and weight
    125 x 110 x 60 mm³, 450 g
    Light output
    30 – 200 mW (from 1 mm fiber), see table
    1 The nominal wavelength can typically deviate by several nm from the peak wavelength. A more precise wavelength selection is usually possible. Please contact us in such case.

    The LS-MC1 series

    The right single wavelength for every need

    Every LED light source in the LS-MC1 series offers extremely high luminance in a specific single wavelength range. This, along with its high output power, flexible handling and long lifetime make it a highly efficient and resource-saving point light source.
    LSMC1: Hohe-Leuchtdichte
    • Narrow band LED light sources with SMA optical fiber output
    • Green efficiency: energy-saving through its high useful light output power
    • Over 20 single wavelengths available
    • Extremely high luminance
    • Simple control via USB
    • Extremely long lifetime (min. 10,000 hours)
    • 30 to 200 mW light output

    Intelligent light solutions for industry and research

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      Our highLight: Highest efficiency along with lowest energy use

      LED light sources in the LS-MC1 series offer extremely high luminance and very long lifetime, making them an environmentally friendly substitute for Xe and Hg light sources.

      They deliver precisely the wavelength you need for your application, without having to filter out false light. This “green efficiency” makes the LS-MC1 a highly efficient and resource-saving light source.


      Technical data sheet for LS-MC1

      Monochromatic LED light source

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        Monochromator-F für alle fasergekoppelten Lichtquellen

         new   High Power White Light LED light sources

        • High Power light sources for Liquid Light Guide
        • High CRI of >90
        • Long lifetime, 40,000 hours

         new   Monochromatic High Power LED light sources

        • High Power light sources for Liquid Light Guide
        • 8 single wavelengths from 365 to 850nm
        • Long lifetime, 40,000 hours

        broadband LED light source

        • Wavelength range from VIS to NIR
        • Alternative to halogen light sources
        • For professional spectroscopic applications

        Homogenizer Low-loss
        broadband homogenization

        • Deviations of only ± 2 %
        • Transmission of more than 50 %
        • Wavelength range from 200/350 nm to 2000 nm
        The LS-MC1 series uses monochromatic
        high-powered LEDs in many different wavelengths
        from UV to NIR NIR |