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We develop light sources with high power and luminance for industry

Lighting solutions and individual service for your project

Experts in machine vision, sensor technology, medical technology and biotech

The use of powerful lighting solutions in highly specialized industrial applications ranging from machine vision to biotech is indispensible for many companies. The most important factors are selecting the right light sources, their ease of use, and ease of integration. Light sources from have been specially designed to meet these professional demands.

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Demo systems

We would be more than pleased to provide you with our products as a demo system so that you can test them whenever you like.

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Produkte Baukastensystem

Modular system

All our products can be combined with each other through a modular system.

Neuste Technologie

Latest technologies

Our products are designed and manufactured according to the latest technical developments as standard.

Individual solutions for your project

In addition to offering our standard products such as laser-pumped or LED light sources with high luminance and optics for homogeneous illumination, we work together with you to develop customized solutions that provide precisely the performance you require in your installations.

Light sources for your special requirements

Kompetente Beratung

Competent consultation

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what we are talking about – you can expect from us competent and reliable consultation.


System integration

We help you integrate our solution into your systems.

Individuelle Lösungen

Individual solutions

We will always modify our products to meet your individual requirements.

Solutions for original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs),
tailored to your product

Our competence includes modifying our products significantly to meet the specific, highly demanding tasks of our customers, or to achieve the individual results our customers require.

A large part of our work consists of finding new solutions for our customers and turning these solutions into products. With our expertise in the fields of optics, electronics and mechanics, we see ourselves as optimally positioned for this.

What does light with high luminance mean?

Light with high luminance conveys high light output through a small area with low divergence. Light with high luminance allows efficiency in low-loss beam forming, coupling into the optical fiber, focusing or homogenization and, as a result, optimum adaptation to any given application.

Why is light with high luminance so important to industry?

High luminance makes it possible to achieve compact, efficient light solutions and allows available light to be manipulated without loss and brought to the place of use. This makes it especially suitable for industrial quality control and process analysis.

In which industrial applications is light with high luminance especially important?

Industry needs light with high luminance in the fields of machine vision with high frame rates and for quality control within (process) installations with large distances from object and lighting. Micro, nano- and semiconductor technologies that require microscopic observation also demand a large amount of light on small objects, as does spectroscopy in analytics.


Service especially for our OEM and industrial customers


Feasibility studies

We determine in advance through a feasibility study and simulations how we can optimally implement the solution you wish.


Prototype construction

We build functional models and prototypes in our optics laboratory and evaluate these.


Serial production

Together with our production partners, we implement cost-effective (small-scale) serial production.

Intelligent light solutions for industry and research

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