Monochromatic Light Sources
for Research and Industry
  • High brightness
  • High power
  • Ultra short pulses possible

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    Our Monochromatic Light Sources for every need

    By using the latest generation of high power LEDs, we can offer you monochromatic light sources that provide the maximum luminance and power that is currently possible.
    Our excellent electronics push the limits of what is feasible in terms of speed and short plus duration. We look forward to your inquiry: +49 (0) 551/270765-0,

    Discover our Monochromatic Light Sources:

    Monochromator-F für alle fasergekoppelten Lichtquellen

    Monochromatic High Power Light Source for Liquid Light Guides

    • High power light sources for liquid light guides
    • 8 different wavelengths from 365 to 850nm
    • Ultra short pulse lengths down to 1 µs possible

    Monochromatic LED Light Source for Multimode Fibers

    • LED Light Sources for 20+ individual wavelengths
    • Wavelength range from UV to NIR
    • Pulses up to 200 kHz

    Intelligent light solutions for business success in industry and research

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      Tunable Monochromatic Light Sources

      Our tunable light sources offer the possibility of freely selecting the wavelength over a very large wavelength range. Fast scans over hundreds of wavelengths are no problem.

      Monochromator-H with Integrated Halogen Light Source

      • Wavelength range of 340 nm – 2.0 µm
      • Cost-effective solution for medium performance
      • Ideal for spectroscopy and sensor testing

      Hyperchromator for the Laser Pumped Plasma Light Source XWS-30

      • All wavelengths from 190 to 2000 nm
      • Developed for the laser pumped light source XWS-30
      • Particularly suitable for DUV and UV

      Light for industry and research:


      Your light source for industry

      • Fiber-coupled point light sources with high luminance
      • Easily integrated into existing installations
      • Individual solutions for your project

      Your light sources for research

      • Easy integration into experiment set-ups
      • Laser-pumped and LED light sources
      • Wide spectra and high luminances
      • Led light source for microscope