Great feedback for our Monochromator-H:


We are happy to share that our Monochromator-H has been successfully used by Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne (University of Heidelberg, Vice President of the European Machine Vision Association EMVA) for testing sensors in the visual and near-infrared wavelength range. He gave us excellent feedback and ordered another system for testing UV sensors. We appreciate his trust and good cooperation!

After a successful first quarter, we are now taking a look at the rest of 2024 – and the trade fair planning that goes with it:


Just like last year, the Technologie Manufaktur team will be exhibiting at W3+ in Jena.
We already had many exciting discussions there last year, made new contacts and strengthened existing ones, so we are very pleased to have a stand there again! This year it will take place on September 25 & 26.

Will we meet any of you there? Which other trade fairs will you be attending this year?
We look forward to meeting everyone who comes by our stand to get to know our products (and of course us 😉). We will post more information about where exactly we will be in the hall in good time before the start of W3+


Today we would like to introduce you to another new addition to the Technologie Manufaktur team:


Oliver Betz has been providing us with valuable support in the field of electronics since September. The graduate engineer studied measurement technology at the HAWK Göttingen and has already gained over 20 years of professional experience. This makes him a valuable support for us and we are very glad to have him in our team!

New space for the Technologie Manufaktur!


A new chapter has begun: Last September, we relocated within Goettingen with the Technologie Manufaktur.
The new office is not only much more centrally located, but also offers considerably more space for the whole team as well as extended areas for laboratory and production. Of course, there is also a cozy seating area – the perfect place for short breaks and informal meetings over a cup of coffee. 😉
We are looking forward to the time ahead in the new premises and, above all, to growing even further as a team. You are also welcome to make an appointment with us if you are interested in testing one of our light sources in person, clarifying any questions you may have and finding out more about our product range.

We are happy to welcome Kathrin Zajac as a new team member at Technologie Manufaktur!


Kathrin studied process engineering at the TU Clausthal and took over our purchasing department last summer. The graduate engineer already has over 30 years of experience in the areas of development, sales, production control and technical purchasing and is therefore a valuable addition to our team!

Spectral Camera Sensor Testing from 360nm to 2.0µm


A VIS-NIR camera sensor testing system, ordered from a very well-respected member of the machine vision community, just left our production. The setup includes our tunable light source the Monochromator-H delivering wavelength tunable monochromatic light from 360nm to 2.0µm and a fly’s eye condenser for a highly homogeneous illumination.
We are looking forward to first test results and his feedback!

New team member at Technologie Manufaktur


Salomé Raskop studied materials science at the Georg-August University in Göttingen and has already worked there for 3 years as a research assistant in the Department of Wood Biology and Wood Products. She has been supporting us in the laboratory and production since July and we are delighted to welcome Salomé as a new team member!

Successful completion of an OEM project


It’s done! Shortly before the turn of the year, we completed the first 10 OEM light sources for the leading company in the gear cutting industry. Our extremely stable light source with very high luminance is integrated into a measuring machine and, together with a confocal chromatic sensor, enables the fast measurement of gears.
For high measuring speeds on a wide variety of materials and inclination angles, confocal chromatic sensors require a light source that is as small as possible but still very bright – this is one of our specialties!

Trade fair visit in Jena


The team at the W3+ trade fair in Jena! You can find us until tomorrow 17:00 in the StartUp-Area, we are looking forward to your visit!

Launch of the Monochromator-H


We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product: The Monochromator-H. This tunable light source with an integrated tungsten halogen lamp is perfect for everyone who is looking for a small, compact and cost-effective all-in-one solution for their project! It is tunable from 340 – 2000nm and is the best proof why a halogen lamp can still be an ideal solution for your lab.

Monochromator-F goes Quantum Optics


Tobias Gäbler (Fraunhofer IOF Jena) has published an interesting paper, where he describes a sophisticated use case for our Monochromator-F. He measures the entanglement time of an entangled photon pair source via the joint spectral intensity with two Monochromator-F (see III D.)
We think that this is definitly a great application of our Monochromator-F in the field of quantum optics, especially since it is particularly well suited for this purpose due to its high throughput.
The paper:

LS-WL1 Try-Out Box 


Do you have an application where you need a very bright point light source, for example chromatic confocal sensors or white light interferometry? Or do you work with white light TIRF? Then we give you the opportunity to test it with our Try-Out-Box for free and without obligation. It contains not only our white light source LS-WL1, but also a homogenizer and equipment to test stroboscope and trigger modes.

Launch of our new High Power LED light source


Today we are proud to present our new High Power LED light sources for Liquid Light Guides (LLG), the LS-HP1 series. This product line includes a white light source with a high CRI of 92, as well as several single wavelength sources with extremly high power and outstanding luminance levels from 3 and 5mm LLG.
The products are now live on our website and we are excited for everyone to check it out.
Feel free to give us feedback, we are looking forward to your reactions!

LS-WL1 now available at Edmund Optics


We are happy to announce that our high brightness white light source LS-WL1 is now available at Edmund Optics! (Stock #23-881)
Many thanks to John McGuire and his team for making this possible.
We look forward to further cooperation for upcoming products!