Tunable light sources for
broadband spectral isolation
  • Wavelength range from DUV to MIR
  • Bandwidth from 0.7 nm to 28 nm
  • Fast wavelength change

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    Our spectrally tunable light sources

    For the efficient generation of monochromatic light: the Monochromator-F and Hyperchromator

    Efficient spectral isolation can only be performed with a monochromator that allows, firstly, fast and precise tuning over a broad spectrum, and secondly, the least possible loss of light.

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    Tunable light sources from lightsource.tech meet these requirements: The Monochromator-F is equipped with pre-adjusted, easy-to-change gratings and covers the wavelength range from UV to MIR. The Hyperchromator was developed especially for the XWS-30 light source from ISTEQ and its very broad spectrum from DUV to NIR. Light loss is reduced significantly by using the plasma itself as an “entrance slit”.

    Both the Monochromator-F and the Hyperchromator can be integrated reliably and without risk of failure via multimode fibers into existing set-ups and into all commonly used software environments.

    Discover our tunable light sources:

    Monochromator-F Fiber-to-Fiber-Monochromator

    • Wavelength range 190 nm – 5,5 µm
    • Plug and play optical gratings
    • Use any fiber coupled light source

    Monochromator-H with integrated halogen lamp

    • Wavelength range from 340 nm to 2,0 µm
    • Cost effective solution for medium power applications
    • Ideal for spectroscopy and sensor testing

    Hyperchromator für die XWS-30 von ISTEQ

    • All wavelengths from DUV to NIR
    • Developed for the laser-pumped XWS-30 light source from ISTEQ
    • Plasma as entrance slit

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    • Half-width: Bandwidth of the monochromatic light
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      A shining example: Application that uses our tunable light sources

      Application Note: Hyperspectral Microscopy

      Application Note:
      Hyperspectral Microscopy

      In this application note we demonstrate a hyperspectral microscope by combining some of our products.

      The product range from lightsource.tech offers fiber-coupled light sources and optical accessories that harmonize perfectly with our tunable light sources. The LS-BB1 is one light source for the Monochromator-F that covers the spectrum from VIS to NIR and can be a powerful alternative to conventional halogen light sources. Even more powerful is the fiber-coupler that transforms the free beam of the XWS-30 from ISTEQ into a point light source with a wavelength range from DUV to NIR. Both the Monochromator-F and the Hyperchromator, the latter of which is already integrated into the XWS-30 as the standard light source, can be combined with the homogenizer. The monochromatic light of the homogenizer illuminates a square field very homogenously.
      If you would like to find out more about our modular system or which tunable light source in our product range suits your set-up best, we would be pleased to advise you personally and, should you wish, make an individual offer for a complete system from lightsource.tech.

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      These products complement our tunable light sources:


      Fiber coupler for the
      XWS-30 from ISTEQ

      • Coupling the XWS-30 into a multimode fiber
      • Off-axis ellipsoidal mirror
      • Almost loss-free plasma transmission

      LS-BB1 broadband LED light source

      • For spectroscopy
      • Extremely high luminance through a single LED chip
      • Wavelength range from 400 – 1000 nm

      low-loss and broadband homogenization

      • Broadband, low-loss homogenization
      • Deviations of only ± 2 %
      • Any field sizes

      Tunable sources for industry

      • Flexible, tunable light sources in a broad spectrum
      • Reliable and fail-safe
      • Simple fiber-to-fiber integration into optical systems

      Tunable light sources for research

      • Loss-free light transmission
      • Clean spectral isolation from DUV to NIR
      • Simple integration into existing software