Tunable light sources
freely selectable wavelength, DUV to MIR

  • Wavelength range from DUV to MIR
  • Bandwidth from 0.7 nm to 28 nm
  • Fast wavelength change

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    Our Spectrally Tunable Light Sources

    Our tunable light sources allow you to scan a wide range of wavelengths in a short time with monochromatic single wavelengths. We cover the entire spectral range from DUV to MIR.
    To do this, we use light sources with high power and luminance and combine them with monochromators that we have developed specifically for this purpose. We look forward to your inquiry: +49 (0) 551/270765-0, info@lightsource.tech

    Discover our tunable light sources:

    Monochromator-F Fiber-to-Fiber-Monochromator

    • Wavelength range 190 nm – 5,5 µm
    • Plug and play optical gratings
    • Use any fiber coupled light source

    Monochromator-H with integrated halogen lamp

    • Wavelength range from 340 nm to 2,0 µm
    • Cost effective solution for medium power applications
    • Ideal for spectroscopy and sensor testing

    Hyperchromator for the XWS-30 from ISTEQ

    • All wavelengths from DUV to NIR
    • Developed for the laser-pumped XWS-30 light source from ISTEQ
    • Plasma as entrance slit

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    • Wavelength range: Approximate wavelength range in which you can select the wavelength of the monochromatic light.
    • Half-width: Bandwidth of the monochromatic light
    • Optical output: Optical fiber you want to use at the output. If you are not sure how your output should look like, leave this field blank
    • Optical Power: The approximate optical power in microwatts per nanometer you need at the output. You can also leave this field blank

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      A shining example: Application that uses our tunable light sources

      Application Note: Hyperspectral Microscopy

      Application Note: Hyperspectral Microscopy

      In this application note we demonstrate a hyperspectral microscope by combining some of our products.

      The product range from lightsource.tech offers fiber-coupled light sources and optical accessories that harmonize perfectly with our tunable light sources. The LS-BB1 is one light source for the Monochromator-F that covers the spectrum from VIS to NIR and can be a powerful alternative to conventional halogen light sources. Even more powerful is the fiber-coupler that transforms the free beam of the XWS-30 from ISTEQ into a point light source with a wavelength range from DUV to NIR. Both the Monochromator-F and the Hyperchromator, the latter of which is already integrated into the XWS-30 as the standard light source, can be combined with the homogenizer. The monochromatic light of the homogenizer illuminates a square field very homogenously.
      If you would like to find out more about our modular system or which tunable light source in our product range suits your set-up best, we would be pleased to advise you personally and, should you wish, make an individual offer for a complete system from lightsource.tech. Phone: +49 (0) 551/270765-0

      These products complement our tunable light sources:


      Fiber coupler for the XWS-30 from ISTEQ

      • Coupling the XWS-30 into a multimode fiber
      • Off-axis ellipsoidal mirror
      • Almost loss-free plasma transmission

      LS-BB1 broadband LED light source

      • For spectroscopy
      • Extremely high luminance through a single LED chip
      • Wavelength range 400 – 1000 nm

      Homogenizer low-loss and broadband homogenization

      • Broadband, low-loss homogenization
      • Deviations of only ± 2 %
      • Any field sizes

      Light for industry and research:


      Your light source for industry

      • Fiber-coupled point light sources with high luminance
      • Easily integrated into existing installations
      • Individual solutions for your project

      Your light sources for research

      • Easy integration into experiment set-ups
      • Laser-pumped and LED light sources
      • Wide spectra and high luminances
      • Led light source for microscope