Fiber-to-fiber monochromator
for maximum flexibility in a wide range
  • Wavelength range from UV to MIR
  • Easy change of gratings
  • Optimal transmission

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    The Monochromator-F: High throughput from UV to MIR

    Flexible fiber-to-fiber monochromator

    With our Monochromator-F we have developed a versatile device that offers you clean spectral isolation in a wavelength range from 190 nm to 5.5 µm.

    The high-quality fiber-to-fiber coupling of the monochromator allows flexible integration into all systems, while the design of the optical gratings and their mounts enable easy and fast change.

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    Wavelength range
    190 nm – 5,5 µm


    0,7 – 28 nm
    Ein- und Ausgang
    Inputs and outputs
    Easy grating change
    Product Specifications:

    Optical input and output

    SMA connections for multimode fibers (Ø 200 – 1000 µm)
    Focal length
    101.6 mm (4″)
    f/2.7 (for fiber with NA=0.22)
    Wavelength range
    190 nm  – 5.5 µm


    0.7 – 28 nm FWHM*
    50 x 50 mm² (various gratings available)
    Order sorting filter
    up to 5, ½ Zoll,
    standard set included (3 filters for UV-VIS-NIR)
    Typically 0.1 nm*
    Scanning speed
    100 – 300 nm/s*
    Included with GUI
    USB/RS-232, LabVIEW™, DLL
    291 x 182 x 124 mm³, 4 kg
    *Depending on fiber diameter and gratings

    Monochromator-F: Compact and easy-to-integrate fiber-to-fiber monochromator

    Thanks to its fiber-to-fiber coupling, the Monochromator-F is compatible with all fiber-coupled light sources, such as LEDs or laser-pumped plasma light sources.

    The reliably high light throughput of the monochromator and the availability of a wide spectrum from DUV to MIR results in a flexibly tunable point light source with high luminance.

    The optical gratings are optimized for the UV, VIS or NIR / MIR wavelength range and, due to their kinematic mounting, can be quickly and easily changed.

    A motorized filter wheel (up to 5 filters) and a motorized shutter are integrated in the Monochromator-F as standard, with the option of complementing this with a high-speed shutter. The desired wavelength is selected using software control via a USB interface.

    • Fiber-to-fiber: Connection and coupling of fiber-coupled light sources
    • Flexibly tunable point light source
    • Easy change of optical gratings
    • Wavelength range from 190 nm to 5.5 µm (DUV to MIR)
    • Bandwidth from 0.7 to 28 nm
    • Very good transmission and little scattered light in the UV range
    • Including Software, control via USB/RS-232, LabVIEW or DLL
    • Optional high-speed shutter with switching times of up to 10 ms

    Integration into Your Software

    Our monochromators can be controlled via a USB interface (RS232). We have developed a Python module that makes integrating our monochromators into your programs very easy.

    datasheet-monochromator F

    Technical data sheet for Monochromator-F

    for fiber coupled light sources

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      Our highLight: Kinematic grating mount

      In order to allow the Monochromator-F to be easily integrated into your workflow, the optical gratings are already pre-adjusted and can be changed in a few simple steps due to our innovative kinematic mounting.


      The kinematic mount

      More about the Monochromator-F in our detailed product video.

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      Light sources and Accessories:

      white light source LS-WL1

      • Point light source with extremely high luminance
      • Spectrum 450 – 700 nm
      • Stroboscope and trigger mode

      Broadband LED light sources

      • Broad spectrum 400 – 1000 nm
      • Single LED chip with high luminance
      • Suitable for VIS/NIR spectroscopy

      Fiber coupler
      for a broadband
      point light source

      • Off-axis ellipsoidal mirror
      • Wavelength range from DUV to NIR
      • For coupling XWS-30 into multimode fibers

      Low-loss broadband homogenization

      • Deviations of only ± 2 %
      • Square illuminated field of more than 50%
      • Wavelength range from 200/350 nm to 2000 nm

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