White Light Sources
for Research and Industry
  • High brightness and performance
  • High CRI: gapless spectra
  • Ultra short pulses up to 1 µs

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    High-end white light sources from lightsource.tech

    Our white light sources meet the highest demands in terms of optical brightness and output power. We use state-of-the-art technologies such as ceramic laser-phosphor converters or high-power LEDs.
    With its high-quality electronics and a well-thought-out cooling system, it can meet any challenge. We look forward to your inquiry: +49 (0) 551/270765-0, info@lightsource.tech

    Discover our White Light Sources:

    Monochromator-F für alle fasergekoppelten Lichtquellen

    High Power White Light Source LS-HP1-DW

    • High power light sources for liquid light guides
    • High CRI of >90
    • Ultra short pulses down to 1 µs

    Laser pumped White Light Source LS-WL1

    • Point Light Source with extremely high brightness
    • Spectrum 450 – 700 nm
    • Strobe and trigger mode

    Intelligent light solutions for business success in industry and research

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      Do you need a broader spectrum with UV and/or NIR?

      Then take a look at our broadband light sources:


      LS-BB1 Broadband LED Light Source

      • Wavelength range from VIS to NIR
      • Alternative to halogen light sources
      • For spectroscopic applications

      Fiber Coupler for laser pumped plasma light source XWS-30

      • For coupling the free beam into a multimode fiber
      • Off-axis ellipsoid mirror
      • High brightness from 190 to 2200 nm

      Light for industry and research:


      Your light source for industry

      • Fiber-coupled point light sources with high luminance
      • Easily integrated into existing installations
      • Individual solutions for your project

      Your light sources for research

      • Easy integration into experiment set-ups
      • Laser-pumped and LED light sources
      • Wide spectra and high luminances
      • Led light source for microscope