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  • Broad spectrum from UV to MIR
  • Flexible integration

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    The perfect fiber-coupled light source for your every need

    Powerful and flexible: Our fiber-coupled light sources LS-HP1, LS-WL1, LS-BB1 and LS-MC1

    Industry and research demand the use of especially powerful and flexible light sources. In order to support you in setting up your installation or experiment set-ups, we at have therefore specialized in developing light sources that are easy to integrate into existing systems and deliver the required fail-safe performance over a long lifetime.

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    Our latest light source is the LS-HP1 high-power light source. It is available in a monochromatic and a white light version and is exceptionally powerful. The laser-pumped white light source LS-WL1 owes its extremely high luminance to two blue laser diodes that pump a ceramic phosphor converter. Furthermore, our broadband LED light source LS-BB1 covers the large spectrum from VIS to NIR with a single LED, making it a real alternative to halogen-based light sources. The LS-MC1 series ensures high luminance and supports many different wavelengths.

    We know that many scientific structures and industrial installations have special requirements and do not allow compromises. So if you are looking for a light source that is not included in our standard product range, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss implementing your individual light solution.

    Discover our light sources:

    Monochromator-F für alle fasergekoppelten Lichtquellen

     new   High Power White Light LED light sources

    • High Power light sources for Liquid Light Guide
    • High CRI of >90
    • Long lifetime, 40,000 hours

     new   Monochromatic High Power LED light sources

    • High Power light sources for Liquid Light Guide
    • 8 single wavelengths from 365 to 850nm
    • Long lifetime, 40,000 hours

    white light source LS-WL 1

    • Led Point light source with extremely high luminance
    • Spectrum 450 – 700 nm
    • Stroboscope and trigger mode

    Broadband LED light sources

    • Broad spectrum 400 – 100 nm
    • Single LED chip with high luminance
    • Suitable for VIS/NIR spectroscopy

    Single wavelength LED light sources

    • Single wavelength of 385 – 1050 nm
    • Bandwidth 15 – 60 nm
    • Extremely high luminance

    Fiber coupler
    for a broadband point light source

    • Off-axis ellipsoidal mirror
    • Wavelength range from DUV to NIR
    • For coupling XWS-30 into multimode fibers

    Laser-pumped white light source:
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    • Fiber-coupled light source with high luminance
    • Pre-prepared experiments to familiarize yourself with the optical and electronic characteristics
    • Homogenizer, collimator, stroboscope, trigger

    Intelligent light solutions for business success in industry and research

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      Great in a Team: We can do more than just a light source

      In addition to our light sources, we offer a selection of other products that round off our range. Our Monochromator-F is a powerful fiber-to-fiber monochromator with a broad spectrum from DUV to MIR and is compatible with both the light sources LS-WL1 and LS-BB1.

      High Brightness led light source vs. High Power

      What distinguishes light sources from other light sources? Learn more in our whitepaper:

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      Our Hyperchromator is a specially designed monochromator for coupling the light source XWS-30 from ISTEQ that makes a spectrally tunable point light source with very high luminance from a free beam light source.

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      Tunable light sources and monochromators:

      Monochromator-F für alle fasergekoppelten Lichtquellen

      Monochromator-F – Led monochromatic light
      for fiber-coupled light sources

      • Wave length range from UV to MIR
      • Simple change of gratings
      • Suitable for LS-WL1, LS-BB1 and fiber coupler

      Monochromator for laser pumped
      Plasma light source

      • Especially suited for DUV and UV
      • Motorized dual grating changer
      • Total wavelength range from DUV to NIR

      Accessories for our light sources


      Homogenizer low-loss and
      broadband homogenization

      • Deviations of only ± 2 %
      • Square light field
      • Wavelength range from 200/350 nm to 2000 nm

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      High Brightness vs. High Power

      Exclusive Whitepaper:
      High Brightness vs High Power.

      What distinguishes’s technical light sources from other light sources?

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        Light for Industry and Research


        Your light source for industry

        • Fiber-coupled point light sources with high luminance
        • Easily integrated into existing installations
        • Individual solutions for your project

        Your light sources for research

        • Easy integration into experiment set-ups
        • Laser-pumped and LED light sources
        • Wide spectra and high luminances
        • Led light source for microscope