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Optical analysis processes such as fluorescence, reflection and transmission spectroscopy, polarimetry, and refractometry are essential elements of scientific work in many fields of research. Powerful light sources are required for all of these processes. In sometimes highly complex experiment set-ups, the individual modules must also interact reliably with one another in order to be able to deliver precise and usable measurement results.

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What research applications use light with high luminance?

Research requires light with high luminance for optical analysis processes such as spectroscopy, polarimetry and refractometry.

Why does a monochromator need a light source with high luminance?
It is possible to increase the light output transported by a monochromator by using larger optics. However, this method is very expensive. It is significantly cheaper to couple the monochromator to a light source with high luminance, thereby increasing light output.
When does light have high luminance?

Light has high luminance when it transports a lot of output through a small area with low divergence.

We at specialize in the development of light sources with high luminance. We also supply the appropriate optical systems for spectral adjustment, homogenization and light forming. All of our products are easy to operate and can be easily integrated into the complete system using optical fibers. We place great value on providing each of our customers with an optimal solution that is individually customized to the specific requirements.
Low-Coherence Interferometer mit fasergekoppelter Breitband-Lichtquelle

Low-Coherence Interferometer
mit fasergekoppelter Breitband-Lichtquelle

© Fraunhofer AZOM, C. Taudt et al. Optics Express 28(12) 17320-17333, 2020

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    Monochromator-F for fiber-coupled light sources

    for fiber-coupled light sources

    • Wave length range from UV to MIR
    • Simple change of gratings
    • Optimal transmission
    Tunable-light-sources Hyperchromator

    Monochromator for laser-pumped
    Plasma light source

    • Especially suited for DUV and UV
    • Motorized dual grating changer
    • Total wavelength range from DUV to NIR

    Fiber coupler
    for the XWS-30 from ISTEQ

    • For coupling free beam into a multimode fiber
    • Off-axis ellipsoid mirror
    • Spectrum of 190 – 2200 nm

    Our laser-coupled light sources:


    Programmable laser-pumped
    white light source

    • Flexible point light with extremely high luminance
    • Light coupling with multimode fibers of 50 µm – 1 mm core diameter
    • Stroboscope and trigger mode up to 200 kHz

    Monochromatic fiber-coupled LED light sources for many different wavelengths

    • LED light sources for 20+ single wavelengths
    • Wavelength range from /UV to NIR
    • Resource-saving through “Green Efficiency”

    Broadband LED light source

    • Wavelength range from VIS to NIR
    • Alternative to halogen light sources
    • For professional spectroscopic applications

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    Call us on:
    +49 (0) 551/270765-0

    Or by email at:

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